Busy Building Business

What a year it has been so far, the autumn is ending and winters nights are bringing on a time of reflection. I started 2 years ago around this time with the goal of using my creative talents to start a arts based small business aside from my life in the salon. Nomadic Knots was born and i began applying myself further in the craft of jewelry design and macrame. I have long loved using my hands to create beautiful art and it was time to share that with the world. My goal wast to grow into being a festival vendor and doing arts markets around the province. So far i have achieved all of those goals and its continuing to grow into a beautiful brand. I am also learning more everyday the value that I have to offer by sharing my creativity. Earlier this year i took another leap towards living my dreams and I rented a chair at a magical little beauty sanctuary called Purnama Style Lounge in Kelowna where i could really invest in building my brand as a hairdresser. the best thing is that i could not have found a better home for my creativity. I found not only a home but the most unbelievable support from a group of beautiful souls who co-create around me. I am in a place where both of my brands can begin to grow in harmony with each other and ultimately i can share the best of myself with the world. I have some new portfolio updates and more to come, as well some amazing film a tv projects that i have been a part of this year. I will be using this space to share my passion of writing so please subscribe and stay tuned for more magic.

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