Sept 10/2010 What the camera saw today


Camera Love.

What would I do without my camera, aside from taking substantially less photo’s i would probably die a little on the inside.  I tend to go through periods where i cannot put it down, and then periods where I hardly gaze through its viewfinder. The best thing about taking photo’s is it forces me to pay close attention to the details around me. As I learn to see those details the compositions get stronger. So I certainly don’t call myself a photographer as I know a fraction of what my camera can do, however i am on a quest to train my eyes to be the eyes of a photographer. I may never learn all the ins and outs of my camera (these digital SLR’s are full of buttons,) but I will see the world through the eyes of a photographer and that is what matters. Over the next month I plan on taking at least one picture a day. I will find something that really catches my eye and I will have my camera there ready to capture my daily inspiration.


Flotography: Some of my favorite collaborations

Flotography: I have styled and blogged more than a few times about the lovely Florence Leung. Starting out as a model and really working the camera, she made a choice to expand her knowledge. She picked up a camera and make it work for her, good choice? I think so… I have worked with her and some other great people on a few of her earlier shoots, and I am sure will be working more with Flo in the future. Anyways the point of all of this is that working with an inspiring group of people allows the creativity to flow with ease. Combine a dash of creative inspiration from a few passionate minds and, well lets face it a little hard work, and you are left with art.

Model: Stephanie Hay, represented by Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group
Make-up: Yuki Lam
Hair: Dylan Raine
Wardrobe Stylist: Jenn Mika Chang

What I love most about this series of photo’s and specifically the hair is… There are a variety of diverse fashion looks yet the hair stays relatively the same throughout the series. However I feel that the variety of styles and settings allow the model to transform and take on a new personality and the hair ties into each of those personas very well. You see everything from 80’s Pop to punkish rockabilly to elegant extravagance, not an easy thing for one hairstyle to do.  


Model: Dakary, soon to be represented = )
Make up artist: Sarah Casault, CAZOO Artistry
Hairstylist: Dylan
Wardrobe stylist: Michelle Law

So yet again A variety of styles, This time the Hair changes Very Dramatically with the style changes. The white and psychedelic coloured backdrops and lighting effects combined with some very Bright Pink and bold accessories and beautiful make up artistry make a statement along with the dramatic hair. Explosive modelling by Dakary who is a growing stronger with each photo showcases everyone’s talents to the max.

New Year: Bring on the change.

I as anyone love the comforts in life, I do not however enjoy getting comfortable. I am Starting Fresh at Rain Salon which is a fresh and funky boutique salon. Still using Bumble and Bumble products and a very exciting colour line will only take my skills further. Rain has a strong emphasis on education that sets its standards high. I look forward to excelling in an amazing environment and becoming a part of a strong working team.

I have some Photo’s I have taken from my trip to Santa Monica. LA is a beautiful city full of amazing sights and training at the Toni &  Guy Academy was amazing. I will make it a point to return sometime within the year. I am looking forward to spring, change of seasons brings something fresh to the salon and the clients. Before spring though we must get through the Olympics, February 2010 will bring a rush of visitors full of excitement. I am very stoked to be attending a few of the awards ceremonies and other events around town.

Rain Boutique Salon 1544 west 2nd ave. 604.733.7246 All clients will receive $20 off the first visit to the salon. Come in and be taken away!

Hello From Sunny Santa Monica

It has been a few weeks since my last post, and so much has happened. Right at the moment I am hanging in the hostel by the beach here in Santa Monica, CA. I am here for the week training at Toni&Guy’s Advanced Academy. The day’s have been full of mad cutting and crazy colouring. I have gained new confidence in the skills I had already on top of a whole new look into the world of hair colour. I am excited to bring this back to my clientelle. I am hoping to have the opportunity to move people in a new direction with their hair. I think hair and especially colour has come along way from the basic highlight. Colour placement in a variety of tonal blends provides me with the ability to create something completely unique as well as functional. Lets be honest when you think Hollywood you think beautiful, And that is the hair that you need and I can provide. Keep posted here for some amazing Pictures of my experience here. Look forward to returning to my home and bringing a new palette of ideas.

A taste of Summertime And The Livin Is Easy

 The summer ended with a number of days full of styling the beautiful locks of wonderful models and working with the vibrant groups of people in the fashion world. When I say that the summer ended it’s like the world has halted momentarily, well the photo shoots anyways have slowed.  The good thing is that all that work from a month or two ago is paying off now, the results are in and the shots amazing! With the rainy days my focus has become education, learning, brainstorming and practicing new techniques for hair styling. With the relatively new job at Canvas salon here in Vancouver comes a new array of product lines. I am enjoying learning to work with Bumble&Bumble, Kevin Murphy, and Rene Futere. These companies all have unique histories, philosophies, and functions; It is so refreshing to soak in everything they have to offer. Session Stylist Kevin Murphy presented recently at science world here in Vancouver, My co-workers and I went to the show, There were some fresh new ideas and it presented me with a new simplistic view of manipulating hair texture and achieving unique and strong looks. The fun part of watching a presentation like that is taking what you learn and making it your own and I am looking forward to seeing what I can create. I am also putting together my trip to lovely Santa Monica, Ca. to train for a week at the Toni & Guy Advanced Academy. I am taking a Custom cut & Colour course that will give me some updated views into how to best work a hair colour and a haircut  together. I am excited to expand my knowledge in terms of colour placement and how it is affected by the haircut as well as how the cut can be maximized by a perfect combination of colour. I feel that it is important for me to be able to offer my clients the perfect colour to best suit them and one that will work best however they style their hair. I think too many people have been swayed away from hair colour because of various reasons, most likely bad experiences or the thought that colour always looks artificial. My goal as an artist is to make something naturally beautiful, I love to take inspiration from the colourful world around me and create hair colour that looks like it is meant to be. Not only do i strive for the most natural results, I also love the challenge of creating something unique that is cost effective and not a headache to maintain. There is nothing better in the salon than when you can create a goal with specific clients and build consistently great looking hair for them every day. I love to put as much into educating my clients on how to maintain the look they desire as i put into learning it for myself. Along with the learning I am Putting together my portfolio, adding all the pictures that show off the versatility of my skills.

One of the favorite models and fashion stylist i have worked with  actually a few times so far is  Flo, Her tasteful styles and beautiful finesse in posing has given me a number of new additions to my portfolio.

A taste.

Model and wardrobe stylist Flo,

Photographer  Jon Apostol,




awhile back was the frist time i was able to style the locks of Flo, She ended up meeting up with another photographer that day so i received some surprise photo’s of the style for that day.

Model and wardrobe stylist Flo,

Photographer Adam Luk,

MUA Christine Chen,


Thanks again to Flo and the rest of the people that produced these amazing portfolio additions. Always happy to hear feedback from anyone, Keep posted for more pics from the Jon Apostol Shoot.



Pleased to meet you! Photo Shoot results

  Do you ever get so focused on things that your losing sleep? lately I have been blinded by my goals and i am losing track of time. Now it may sound bad to be blind, although in the world today if you do not achieve to the point where your losing track of time due to constant inspiration you are not working hard enough.  I am privaleged to consider my daily job my passion, and I dedicate everything to fueling that passion. Right now I am taking a break from making  hairpieces for a shoot this sunday, it’s midnight, and im writing about my job to who knows who stumbles upon a random blog. Photo shoot aside I take my job in the salon seriously as well, striving to produce new ways to promote what I do. The feeling I get when i successfully communicate and technically execute a “look” that fits the lifestyle and most importantly makes someone look and feel wonderful is incomparable. Doing anything fashion related very rarely has that personal touch and time is less available on set or backstage to build relationships.

 So all of that being said, I am hoping that tis reaches someone If you are in Vancouver and happen upon my blog keep updated as I will be introducing new salon promotions as well as news and portfolio updates for everyone. New clients receive an automatic 15% off their first visit , However if you’re coming into the salon for the first time because you also lost track of time reading blogs and you  tell me you have been here  and read every last page, haha, I’ll Up that to 25% off your first visit.

 Back on track with my portfolio and my newest additions they are dope.  Here is a taste.

Photographer Kioku
Model Florence 



Sundays Gone. Another productive week

After my first week at the new shop, and another sunday full of styling models at Whitebox Studios; I am exhausted. The new salon is getting comfortable quickly, all the minor adjustments are becoming normal. I feel like today at the Studio was another valuable day, I managed to come up with some unique styles and worked with yet again a wonderful team, thanks to all the models and Albert king as well as his assistant Karla Lim and Make-up artist Cindy Chan. Keep posted for two Sundays worth of amazing work from all of us as wll as links.