Camera Love.

What would I do without my camera, aside from taking substantially less photo’s i would probably die a little on the inside.  I tend to go through periods where i cannot put it down, and then periods where I hardly gaze through its viewfinder. The best thing about taking photo’s is it forces me to pay close attention to the details around me. As I learn to see those details the compositions get stronger. So I certainly don’t call myself a photographer as I know a fraction of what my camera can do, however i am on a quest to train my eyes to be the eyes of a photographer. I may never learn all the ins and outs of my camera (these digital SLR’s are full of buttons,) but I will see the world through the eyes of a photographer and that is what matters. Over the next month I plan on taking at least one picture a day. I will find something that really catches my eye and I will have my camera there ready to capture my daily inspiration.



Hello From Sunny Santa Monica

It has been a few weeks since my last post, and so much has happened. Right at the moment I am hanging in the hostel by the beach here in Santa Monica, CA. I am here for the week training at Toni&Guy’s Advanced Academy. The day’s have been full of mad cutting and crazy colouring. I have gained new confidence in the skills I had already on top of a whole new look into the world of hair colour. I am excited to bring this back to my clientelle. I am hoping to have the opportunity to move people in a new direction with their hair. I think hair and especially colour has come along way from the basic highlight. Colour placement in a variety of tonal blends provides me with the ability to create something completely unique as well as functional. Lets be honest when you think Hollywood you think beautiful, And that is the hair that you need and I can provide. Keep posted here for some amazing Pictures of my experience here. Look forward to returning to my home and bringing a new palette of ideas.