Dylan Raine is a passionate hairstylist who has explored every aspect of the hair industry. He has perfected his craft over the past 14 years as a Senior Stylist in high-end salons across Canada. He works as an educator for newcomers and veterans in the industry and is consistently freelancing for editorials, and fashion productions. A big passion in Dylan’s career is hairdressing in film, crafting the variety of styles and looks seen on your favourite characters. You may not see him in action but you will definitely see his art come to life on TV and the Big Screen. As an artist whose medium is hair Dylan specializes in building avant garde hair pieces and period hairstyling. He is an accomplished stylist whose editorial work has been published in numerous magazines and advertisements. His work has taken him across North America from Vancouver to Toronto, Los Angeles to New York City. Dylan’s solid technical background and exceptional communication skills have afforded him the foundation to provide a customized personal approach to delight his clients. He is hyper sensitive to the dynamics and etiquette demanded by Production teams, Crew and the talented Actors he works closely with. His goal is to turn dreams into reality for anyone collaborating with him and will work hard to create the utmost quality product.


PHONE: 250.215.5426


2 thoughts on “FILM . ABOUT ME

  1. You rock my world you know you do.

    You are an amazing human being on top of being an incredibly talented, motivated, and composed hair creationist.


  2. Hey, I’m Dylan Raines. I found your blog while doing a google search of my own name. I love your stylings!


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