DYLAN RAINE works as an independent hair artist out of Purnama Style Lounge in beautiful Kelowna BC. Purnama is a creative sanctuary for an amazing tribe of Hairstylists, Makeup artists, and Lash experts. Filled with love and light Purnama is sure to enrich your soul all while making you look and feel amazing . 

When booking your appointment with Dylan you may notice a few differences in the service selection he offers. One thing Dylan is passionate about in life and in his work is gender equality. Equal amounts of love, skill and attention go into every service, the big difference is the time required for certain hair lengths, haircuts, and hair textures. Dylan offers three options for haircuts based on time and skill not gender, every human is embraced with the same care when you sit in his chair

  • Haircut Short (45 min) suitable for short fades, crops, pixies, basically any style shorter than your earlobes with average hair textures.
  • Haircut Medium (60 mins) Suitable for lengths starting around the chin to your collarbone, Technical bobs, shorter layers, Long Bobs, Mid length shags. or short styles in thicker than average hair. Also suitable time for longer styles in thinner hair textures.
  • Haircut Long (75mins) You know who you are, thick hair that can never be too long. this haircut service is made for you and ensures you have a little extra time for the perfect finish to your cut.

Another difference you may notice in Dylan’s services offered  is a simplified booking for Highlighting services. in a world of many highlighting trends such as Foils, Balayage, Babylights, Foilyage, Teaselights it’s unrealistic to ask you the customer to decide which technique or combinations will achieve your hair goals. Being that many people are booking services from home through online booking Dylan has simplified highlighting services. Length and thickness of hair and amount of highlighting required will determine the right service to schedule.

  • Highlighting 2hrs – This 2 hour highlighting service with Dylan is the perfect introduction to highlights or a great refresher. We can decide if your end result suits a foil Highlighting technique or a perfectly painted Balayage. If your new to highlights and just want to play or looking for a low maintenance result that adds a a little bit of light in all the right places. Or if you just want to brighten up around your face and hair-part this is perfect. Gloss and Blowout\Style included .
  • Highlighting 2.5hrs – This 2.5 hour highlighting service with Dylan allows time for a half head blonding or spaced out dimension on longer lengths, we can decide if Foiled or Balayage highlights or a combination of techniques will give you the result you dream of. Perfect for the in between maintenance of full head highlighting services. When you need more than a refresh but aren’t due for a full blonding or if you’re on a journey to the light side. includes a gloss and blowout\Style.
  • Highlighting 3 hrs – This 3 hour highlighting service with Dylan is the full meal deal. Perfect for those seeking lighter and brighter dimensional hair colour or If you are committing to a journey to the blonde side. This service allows for a full head of foiled or painted highlights or a combination of techniques and during your consultation we will decide what is best to achieve the colour of your dreams. Gloss and blowout\style included.
  • Highlight Refresh (Add On) – If you are getting a root touchup ( solid colour) and like to have a few strategic Highlights to add dimension or blend future regrowth. please add a highlight refresh service to your colour booking.

**** it is important to note that all colour prices in the ONLINE BOOKING are a a quote and Dylan will discuss any additional cost in your thorough consultation. price is dependant on cost of extra product used or time required. 

please feel free to contact Dylan or schedule a free consultation if you have any questions or uncertainty in your booking experience.

PHONE: 250.215.5426






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